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Virbac - Baby Dog Large & Medium - 3kg

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Baby Large & Medium Breed has been carefully put together by experts to deliver the best mixture for your puppy.

Virbac Baby Large / Medium Breed food is part of the Veterinary HPM series, which tries to provide the proper nutrients for every specific breed. In this case, puppies need extra ingredients to provide better growth while adult dogs do not. That is why this food has an increased content of protein, vitamins and minerals to aid your young puppies bones, muscles and tendons to grow in a healthy way. Virbac Baby Large / Medium Breed will make sure your dog reaches its physical peak towards adulthood.


  • ✔ High quality protein mixed with few carbohydrates
  • ✔ Easily digestible
  • ✔ Supports urinary tract
  • ✔ Skin and Coat support
  • ✔ Tartar Control
  • ✔ Maintain Renal Function

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